The Case for Slowing Down

When we come into recovery, it’s common to feel that we have wasted time during our years in addiction. Many of us have spent years, or even decades, in a fog. While we may have done things in our lives during those years, we most likely have not lived up to our full potential. Stalled careers, education and relationships may have been part of the high cost of addiction we paid. When we get into recovery, wake up and realize what we haven’t done to grow and progress in our lives, it’s easy to feel like we have to hurry up and make up for lost time.

If we have a lot of drive and energy, that can now be channeled into areas of life that we had neglected in the past. We are fully present and available to ourselves and others and to making the most of our lives. Being prone to be people who live in extremes, it is possible that we may get out of balance in trying to compensate for the past. We can become workaholics, activity addicts and adrenaline junkies. One of the common characteristics of addicts is that we don’t know when to stop.

Is It Time to Slow Down?

It’s difficult to enjoy ourselves if we’re in a rush. We might be able to check things off the to-do list, but are we really able to savor our days? One of the most important aspects of recovery is that we are now free to enjoy our lives and truly appreciate each moment. We can find pleasure in even the smallest of tasks, like taking a shower, getting dressed or having a delicious breakfast. We might ask ourselves, am I enjoying this? If not, slow down, pace yourself and ask yourself what you really want.

It’s important to remember that there is plenty of time left to do whatever we need to do. We do not have to rush and stress so much. Even if the world around us is in rush mode, we can live our lives in a relaxed pace, one that maintains serenity and peace in our lives. It is not so much what we do, as the way we do what we do that is important. We can cultivate a sense of ease in everything that we do. We do not need to be driven be fear and anxiety anymore. We can live our lives in a state of rest, knowing that all is well.

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