The Cassava App

Get Grounded in Recovery.SM

There are simple things you can do every day that help you stay on track with your recovery. We’ve designed the Cassava appSM to make it easier for you to take the small steps required each day to build a strong foundation in recovery. Within the app you can easily locate nearby meetings, monitor your moods and activities, and track your daily progress.

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Find a Self-Help Support Group Meeting Anywhere in the U.S.

Our Meeting Finder allows you to quickly locate self-help support group meetings anywhere in the U.S. With Cassava, you have instant access to a first-of-its-kind database of over 100,000 meetings that is being updated and expanded regularly. Want to know if a meeting is right for you? Vote on meetings to share your experiences and get feedback from other Cassava users on the meetings they’ve attended.

Track Your Progress Day by Day and Get Feedback on How You’re Doing

Keep track of your daily moods and activities in the Journal, and take our Daily Survey to see how various areas of your life – from nutrition and sleep to relationships and stress management – are changing over time. Week by week, you’ll be able to identify areas where you’re improving as well as areas that you need to focus on. When you actively participate in the features of the app that promote ongoing recovery, you boost your Sobriety Score – a barometer for your recovery that increases your awareness of how you’re doing.

Reflect and Be Inspired.

Browse our collection of hundreds of motivational articles and daily reflections. Learn about the disease of addiction, get tips for preventing relapse and navigating tough situations, and be inspired to make the most of each day of sobriety. We add new content every day so you’ll always find something valuable to your recovery.

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